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Bluewave pools and fountain builders is an Owner-Operated swimming pool construction and remodeling company in Kampala, Uganda.
We are one of the most professional builders, and we have the most artistically attentive designers in Uganda. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.
Bluewave pools and fountain builders is a locally-owned company that provides swimming pool construction, re-construction/remodels, spas, water features, solar pool installation, security fencing, and landscaping to add to your vision. Our residential and commercial clients are throughout the whole country including Kamapala, Entebbe, Wakiso, Mukono. We demand in ourselves the highest quality, most transparently communicative, efficient, and attentively innovative swimming pool construction companies Uganda. We are passionate about our work in the pool building industry; this shows throughout the energy, professionalism, and design work that we convey in each and every pool. Personally, and as a company, we make the morally right decisions in every circumstance. We strive to be the most price competitive and number one rated (both in customer service and construction quality) companies in the country.

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